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The main objectives of the Citizen science in France report are to produce and interpret data that is as objective as possible to characterise the reach of citizen science around the world and the specific needs to further its development. The report also aims to gather and analyse input from experts and research stakeholders in France to estimate the opportunities and necessary investments to provide general recommendations and tangible proposals for projects or, more broadly, for institutions.


To address these challenges, our report is divided into three separate “handbooks”:

  • A situational analysis to characterise the field of citizen science from its early days through today (roots, typologies, changes, remarkable projects) and to understand the successes, risks, expectations and challenges raised by those involved.
  • Good practices for project leaders and involved stakeholders: methodological suggestions and tools.
  • Recommendations for institutions, organisations and decision-makers to foster a policy to develop and support citizen science.


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➞ Download the summary:  View the online version  —  Printable version

➞ Download the complete report (in French):  View the online version  —  Printable version
➞ Download the appendices (in French):  View the online version  —  Printable version



This document is published using a Creative Commons licence (CC-BY 4.0) that requires credit attribution: https://creativecommons.org/licenses/by/4.0/.